Life is Crime – Gang Event 14: Global Mayhem


Congratulations–you made some serious moves and are infamous locally. Now it is time to go global and prove yourself beyond your home turf. Show the world who the real Kingpin is in our next Gang Event: Global Mayhem!

The 8 days of Global Mayhem are split into 3 unique events:

  • Massacre
  • Pushing Weight
  • Contract Killer

Only one of these events will occur at any given time, and we will announce each event’s details on the Gang Leaderboard and Facebook when the event begins. Be sure to check Facebook each day at 11am Pacific to see the details of that day’s events. Each gang will be awarded points based on actions taken during this event, and at the end of these 8 days, we’ll tally up the winners. Gangs will be ranked based on the total points gained in all 3 events.

Part 1: Massacre

  • Start Time: 11/27 @ 11am Pacific
  • End Time: 11/30 @ 11am Pacific


You’ve proven yourself at home, but now it’s time to grow your rep nationally and globally. You’re gonna need some fake Passports so you and your crew can travel. Only one way to get that many Passports; steal them from others.

Find other criminals, kill them, and search venues for the Passports that they drop.

Be sure to read the new gang event rules here.


  • Every kill at a location drops a Passport at that location
  • Find the Passports by searching that location
  • Passports only increment the gang score, they do not go into your inventory
  • Passports do not drop if the player was killed by someone 3 levels or more above


Gang contest points scale according to level of the person killed:

  • lvl 1-10 : 1 point
  • lvl 11-20 : 2 points
  • lvl 21-30 : 3 points
  • lvl 31-40 : 5 points

Prizes for Global Mayhem

1st Place

* Mini-you: send a pic of your face and get an accessory that looks like you
* 1 Gang HQ (if you don’t already have one)
30x Shot of Attack
25x Shot of Defense
20x Critical Pills
200x Endurance Tablets (+3 Stam)
20x Energy Drinks
15x Stamina Pills

2nd-5th Place

* Anti Aircraft Missiles
* 1 Gang HQ (if you don’t already own one)

25x Shot of Attack
20x Shot of Defense
15x Critical Pills
150x Endurance Tablets (+3 Stam)
15x Energy Drinks
10x Stamina Pills

6th – 10th Place

* Anti Aircraft Gun
*1 Gang HQ (if you don’t already own one)

20x Shot of Attack
15x Shot of Defense
10x Critical Pills
75x Endurance Tablets (+3 Stam)
10x Energy Drinks
5x Stamina Pills

11th – 25th Place

*1 Gang HQ (if you don’t already own one)
15x Shot of Attack
10x Shot of Defense
5x Critical Pills
30x Endurance Tablets (+3 Stam)
10x Energy Drinks

26th – 50th Place

*1 Gang HQ (if you don’t already own one)
10x Shot of Attack
5x Shot of Defense
20x Endurance Tablets (+3 Stam)
5x Energy Drinks

  • RougahRell

    Ive made about 5 kills and have found no passports yet

    • eversleepy

      6 kills here and i have made it as far as you. Tries both peeps above and below me.

  • LankyDawg

    It says above that “Every kill at a location drops a Passport at that location” and I haven’t found a passport yet. And every kill I’ve made has been my level or higher. WTF? Is this a Stam scam?

    • Brynt

      I have found that if you leave the location leave it about 45 minutes then come back to the location and search you find the passport.

  • Monique Murkey

    This game is a rip off we’ve been killing in killing and don’t get passport and I’m tired of wasting money for r2 dots and I still can’t get a gang headquarters yet!!!!!!!!

  • thedoctor603

    NEWBS!!!! Haha! Passports show up 30 minutes after you murk the fool!

  • angel of deth

    Lol, same newbs we be crushing in phase three. put on your kevlar bitchs.

  • Lic Joshie Will Ruul You

    Destroying this game

  • Daniele

    Super game