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About Life Is Magic

The world as you know it will never be the same. In Life Is Magic, the streets and shops you thought you knew have been transformed into a mystical fantasy world, waiting to be explored. You have a choice. Play as The Monk, a holy warrior with the power of water, healing, and drunken-kung-fu. Power up with The Machinist, an anomaly of science with the power of brutal electronic blasts. Or, choose The Mage, a dark sorcerer that summons embers and fire to destroy her enemies. Crawl through dungeons and gather goods to be taken to the local shop and exchanged for upgraded spells. Team up with your friends and establish your Magic Tower as the strongest in your city. Blur the lines between fantasy and reality in Life Is Magic, available Fall 2012.


  • Free to play
  • Customizable characters
  • Earn advanced weapons and spells
  • Level up your character by completing epic dungeon crawls
  • Teleport to various cities, explore the streets and gather goods
  • Advanced weapons and spells available for purchase with premium currency

Play with Friends

  • Take up to two of your friends characters with you into battle and use their powers!
  • Leave messages for your friends in your Magic Tower and plan your dominance of the land!
  • R2 Gaming Network. The R2 Network also features push notifications and deep integration with Facebook and Twitter.

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