Life is Crime is a location based massively multiplayer online game where you commit virtual crimes at real locations. Visit places to perform missions, sell contraband, and fight other players to own a location. The more active you are, the higher your criminal reputation and the more notorious you become.


Secure your turf against other nearby players who are competing to own the same places as you. Invite your friends so they can fight with you.


Pick-up, search and drop virtual goods at a location for other players to profit and share.


Perform crime-based missions at a variety of places, familiar and new. Rob your local bank and pick pocket a drunkard at your neighborhood bar, all virtually of course.

Area Map

Life is Crime will transform your town or city into contested criminal territory.

Street Map

Our map allows players to see a rich visual representation of the real world. Locations drawn on the map grow with player interaction and map persistence allows players and places to become legendary over time.


Fight other players at different locations and climb to the number one spot on the leaderboard!

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